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              Tool Mice

              Genetic engineering with the Cre-lox system is a powerful and indispensable method to unveil gene function, especially in model animals. GemPharmatech has generated more than 200 Cre and 9 Dre/DreER mouse strains which have been carefully designed for efficient and reliable Cre-mediated recombination in vivo.For Cre recombination in an inducible manner, we offer over 50 inducible CreER strains for your research. In addition to our Cre portfolio, we also have mouse strains expressing Dre recombinase. The Dre-rox system can be used in combination with Cre-lox system, allowing for manipulation of gene expression within multiple subpopulations of cells. Combination of our Cre strains and the library of over 10,000 cKO strains in our KOAP portfolio supports a vast array of scientific exploration and research needs.
              The tool mouse family also includes 4 Flpo-expressing strains, which enable FRT site-directed recombination in a similar manner.
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